Distribution Services

A dependable industry leader, Reliance stays ahead of most supply chain trends and maintains a relevant and well-stocked inventory. Most importantly, our dedicated customer service team is On Call 24/7 to handle any product need from across the country.

In the past, our customers have told us that a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor’s dependability, even more than its product inventory, is one of the most important qualities it should have. A dependable company begins with the integrity of its employees. At Reliance, dependability starts with the way we hire and develop our employees and not just the competitive price point and Transaction Data for our product. We maintain a positive and rewarding environment for our employees, who are carefully screened and educated to provide the best customer service possible.

Our employees understand that your orders are critical to the timely delivery of patient care. Once you’ve placed an order, your Reliance representative will ensure that the product is delivered on time by providing real-time tracking and shipping details. We also provide insightful updates to help our customers plan and mitigate potential shortages in their facilities.

When time is critical, you need results you can count on, not surprises. Healthcare providers across the country trust Reliance.